Oppo N3 Will Use Lithium-Aluminium Alloy

Oppo N3

A teaser that looks like a periodic table has been published a few days ago and it hinted that the Oppo N3 will use a lithium-aluminium alloy.  The alloy will not only make the N3 tough, but also light. Many manufacturers in the industry have been trying to offer chassis that is durable and light weight at the same time.

Executives from Oppo said that the new alloy will be as strong as stainless steel, but with only one third the density. The company claims that this is the first implementation of lithium-aluminium alloy in the market. The alloy is an aerospace-grade material and we could be sure that Oppo has performed all kinds of tests to measure its durability. If Oppo manages to deliver impressive build quality with the N3, we could soon see more phone vendors rushing to put the alloy on their devices next year.

It is believed that the Oppo N3 will be available in two variants, one with the aluminium lithium alloy and another with stainless steel. As we have seen with the Oppo N1 and Find 7, we know that Oppo can provide fine examples of true engineering.

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