Qualcomm’s Roadmap Unveils Early Details of Snapdragon 820 and 815

Qualcomm Qualcomm has unveiled its roadmap for the 2nd half this year. It reveals a lot of juicy details and the star of the year would be the Snapdragon 820, the successor of current Snapdragon 810. The processor will include two new improvements, 64-bit Taipan architecture and 14nm FinFet manufacturing process.

The company is still dominating the mobile market and the Snapdragon 820 with its eight identical TS-2 cores will further solidify Qualcomm’s presence. It is quite impressive that Qualcomm already has a plan to deliver a successor of the Snapdragon 820 so quickly. However, the new processor will likely be used only a few smartphone models later this year and we also shouldn’t be surprised if the market availability will begin in 2016.

The Snapdragon 820 also supports the high performance LPDDR4 RAM and it is paired with the Adreno 530 GPU that swiftly performs separate 3D rendering tasks. It also has the built-in LTE-A Cat.10 MDM9X55 modem for high speed data transfer from the 4G network.
There’s also the Snapdragon 815 with big.LITTLE architecture, consisting of four TS2 cores and another four TS1 cores. It has the less powerful Adreno 450 GPU, but the whole package should still be able to handle the most demanding consumer-level apps in the market.

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