Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Could Have a Wrap-Around Display

Samsung Galaxy S6 EdgeSamsung may plan to surprise us by releasing an Edge version of the Galaxy S6. Unlike the current Galaxy Note Edge, the Galaxy S6 Edge, may have both of its sides curved, not just one. Recently, Samsung filed a design patent to the USPTO and it surely raises a few questions.

Firstly, the phone won’t only have a display that’s curved on both sides, but the glass may actually wraps around the device. This could allow users to use some icons placed on the back. Also, the images show that the center part of the phone can extend and pop up. But, we still don’t have a clue on where it will extend.

This could be related to a new way to fit the removable battery and it could have something to do with charging method. The former seems like a plausible possibility, because the glass layer would make it rather tricky to replace the battery. However, there’s no real proof about the existence of the Galaxy S6 and we still can’t be certain on how the phone would look like. But in any case, the Galaxy S6 Edge could represent a major innovation.

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