Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge May Have Dual-Edge Design

Samsung Galaxy S6 EdgeSamsung is expected to launch a more pretentious variant of the Galaxy S6 with its rare display design. It will be an extension of the design used by the Galaxy Note Edge. The Samsung-centric SamMobile informed us recently that the Galaxy S6 Edge will have two-edge display. It should be noted that Samsung hasn’t confirmed whether the phone will be sold as Galaxy S6 Edge, but it has SM-G925 model number.

According to other sources, users will be able to activate any of the edge, so it will be easy to with left or right hand. Glance Lightning is another feature of Galaxy S6 Edge and it will light one an edge screen and perhaps, both simultaneously, when there’s an incoming notification or call. The Glance Lighting feature could be assigned to specific favorite contacts.

With the one-sided on the current Galaxy Note Edge, users can access much information quickly, such as Yahoo! Finance and sports news. Additional capabilities are also available through the Samsung app store. It isn’t known whether the South Korean company will release the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge at the same time, although this should be highly possible. In any case, we should get at least the basic model of Galaxy S6 in a few months.

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