Samsung Galaxy S6 May Have A New Exynos Chipset With Cat.10 LTE Modem

Samsung Galaxy S6

Qualcomm unveiled its Cat. 10 LTE modem a few weeks ago and it could deliver approximately 450Mbps of data speed, a significant improvement over the current Cat.6 LTE. The company promised that the model will arrive sometime next year, but unfortunately it won’t be among the key new features of Snapdragon 810 chipset.

Like previous Galaxy S-series, the S6 could also be available in two variants, one with Samsung Exynos and another with Qualcomm Snapdragon. The most recent rumors seem to indicate that the Samsung is planning to deliver a new Exynos processor, equipped with tri-band Cat.10 LTE modem. What’s more interesting that Samsung could manufacture the modem module on its own.

There’s no confirmation whether the new Exynos with Cat. 10 LTE will be available with Galaxy S6. Even if included in the Galaxy S6, the Exynos version could be used only by one of the variants; probably similar to the Galaxy S5 LTE-A variant, exclusive for consumers in South Korea.

What’s more, LG U+, a major carrier in South Korea, is developing its own tri band LTE network, which will support 450Mbps data speed, so we could immediately see a correlation here.

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