Samsung Galaxy S6 May Have Dual Edge Curved Display

Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung’s Chief designer has reported recently that their future devices will be equipped with curved screens. This will set that company’s devices firmly apart from the rest of the competition. The arrival of multiple interesting devices from the competitors has resulted in an unforgiving profit slump.

In general, curved display could be one of the effective solutions to overcome challenges in the market. As an example, the Samsung Galaxy Edge has opened a new possibility in display design with its bent side. Like the Samsung Galaxy S6, the Note 5 could also include curved or even somewhat flexible display.

While many people still argue about the real. Tangible benefits of curved and flexible display; if these rumors really pan out; we will see a significant departure from the standard Galaxy S design. Due to its new design, it is a bit unlikely that the Galaxy S6 will have resolution higher than Quad HD.  It may still use the latest Snapdragon processor and high-end Exynos octa-core model for South Korean and International market. It will surely be equipped with new updates of Lollipop Android operating system.

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