Samsung Galaxy S6 May Have Improved Touch-Based Fingerprint Scanner

Samsung Galaxy S6It is quite clear that the Galaxy S5 fails to impress everyone and Samsung is determined to do things right the next time with the Galaxy S6. Insider sources recently informed us that the South Korean company will follow in the footsteps of its competitors, including Huawei, Meizu and Apple.

It will add the touch-based fingerprint sensor on the Galaxy S6. At the moment, the Galaxy Note Edge, Note 4 and the company’s primary flagship, the Galaxy S5 has a rather cumbersome swipe-based fingerprint sensor. Swiping is definitely a slightly more effortful and less convenient than simple touches. This is particularly true on bigger phones where users need to do a lot more stretching to reach the embedded fingerprint scanner on the Home key.

As for the functionality of the sensor, we shouldn’t expect too much expansion. It could still be based for the verification and unlocking purposes. The Home key should be bigger to better accommodate the touch-based functionality. Granted, the Touch ID feature is obviously more sophisticated with its smooth touch-based capability. So, if Samsung wants its upcoming Galaxy S6 a top flagship in 2015; there’s no compromise but to include a better fingerprint scanning feature.

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