Screenshots of Windows 10 for Phone Are Published

Windows 10 PhoneSources in China have provided with early details of the Windows 10 for Phone. An image shows the Start Screen of the upcoming new mobile platform, which includes group tile headers and a background image. The headers seem to spell out “Office” and “Start”; two common words in Windows environment.

Another image of the operating has also been leaked and it may show us the Setting interface of the Windows 10 for Phone. Again, we should question the authenticity of these pictures, especially due to specific discrepancies, like the Xbox tile that doesn’t look translucent. The Xbox tile seems to be very solid and if this is legit; the Windows 10 for Phone could introduce some major interface redesigns.

Microsoft may unveil Windows 10 for Phone in a special event on January 21st. The event could take place in Redmond and we should be able to get more information right there. However, we could already get some early indications of software to be used in the Windows 10 for Phone.

There could be significant improvements in camera app and other areas. We could also be certain that Windows 10 for Phone will integrate very well with the full-fledged Windows 10 for desktops and laptops.

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