Shipments of XOLO Win Q1000 Has Arrived in India

XOLO Win Q1000

A well-known information source in India, has revealed a new shipment of smartphone from China. Apparently, it is the XOLO WIN Q100, which features dual-SIM slots and 5-inch display. The phone runs Windows Phone operating system. The device is valued at USD$87 each and about 5000 units have arrived last month. Shipments of dummy units have also arrived in September.

Earlier this year, XOLO made some noise with the Q900, which weighed in at just 100 grams and it was claimed as the lightest Windows Phone device so far. As for the Q1000, we need to wait a little longer to catch a glimpse of its hardware specs. It is also interesting to know whether XOLO will keep the svelte design of the phone’s predecessor. As a reminder, the XOLO Q900 has a smaller 4.7-inch display, so considering the larger display; we could expect to see more improved specs.

Nonetheless, we shouldn’t expect to see a phone with eye-popping hardware specs and at such a low price, the Q1000 is likely a low-cost Windows Phone model with more basic capabilities. But, it remains to be seen whether the phone is well worth for the asking price. There’s no confirmation from XOLO, but it should announce the Q1000 quite soon.

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