Smartphones in May Have 800+ ppi of Pixel Density

SmartphonesAfter the Quad HD technology has become more mature in mobile industry, it appears that 4K devices are already heading towards us. The Japan-based purveyor of the popular IGZO technology has introduced a new 5.5-inch display with Ultra HD 4K resolution at 2160 x 3840 pixels. The panel should be available for mass production of smartphones in and with simple calculation, we know that it could provide us with the mind-boggling 806ppi of pixel density.

There are even rumors that smartphones will have 8K (4320 x 7680) screen resolution in a not-too distant future. It means that these devices will be 16 times sharper than standard 1080p Full HD models. LG is about to produce 8K display at 27-inch in diameter, so it would only be a matter of time before it shrinks to phablet size panel.

It is only  and we are still enjoying the Quad HD 1440p resolution on high-end Android models. Considering that we already can’t distinguish the individual pixel, many have stated that anything above 330ppi is considered overkill. Future 4K smartphones should look very nice, but it doesn’t really provide us with real benefits. It will still look very sharp no matter how close our eyes are to the display.

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