Some Nexus 6 Units Have Defective Back Plate

Nexus 6We haven’t seen widespread confirmation about this issue, but it appears that some Nexus 6 units could suffer build-quality defect. The back plate seems to lose adhesion with the rest of the chassis. Depending on whose account we read, the back plate could be pushed off by an expanding battery. Simple manufacturing deficiency, such as inadequate adhesion should be easy to fix; but an expanding battery would represent a bigger issue. Fortunately, Motorola has acknowledged the presence of “a few” bad units in the market and it is urging affected users to contact the nearest customer care service immediately.

By accounts, it appears that Motorola and its partner carries have been replacing affected units quickly, so consumers with defective Nexus 6 units shouldn’t find too much problem getting their devices replaced with fresh ones.

Although it is definitely an unfortunate thing to end up with defective devices, it is still a good thing that Motorola decides to be somewhat helpful, unlike some vendors that decided to sweep problem like this under the rug. However, the company hasn’t notified us about the real cause of the defect and new buyers should check their devices carefully to avoid problems like this.

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