Underwater Unboxing Video of Sony Xperia Z3 is Published Online

Sony Xperia Z3

Sony Xperia Z3 is known for its excellent waterproof ratings and exceptional resistance to dust exposure. With IP65 and IP68 certifications, the Sony Xperia Z3 should be able to survive in five feet water for more than an hour without being affected by short circuits. Carphone Warehouse, the popular electronic retailer chain in the United Kingdom tried to prove the point by creating a very rare and perhaps the first ever underwater unboxing video. While the water clearly take a toll on the cardboard box and papers, the phone itself escaped unscathed.

Compared to its direct predecessor, the Z3; Sony’s new flagship offers a number of new enhancements. The processing power and screen quality easily rival those offered by competitors in the market.

The design is thinner thanks to the impressive unibody glass chassis. Sony manages to keep the phone waterproofed and its battery is among the best performers in the market. Other than the high waterproofing rating, there are obviously things that can keep us excited about the phone. Hardware-wise, the Xperia Z3 may not be a significant upgrade, but it is still quite an impressive device.

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