Xiaomi announces its “biggest party yet”, will be held on December 8 in New York

Xiaomi likes to party – today the company announced its “biggest party yet”, which will take place in New York on December 8. This comes a day after the UK event was scheduled for later this week. However, this time there isn’t even a hint of what kind of devices will be demoed.

“Experience our latest and greatest Xiaomi products” is pretty broad considering that the company makes everything from headphones to electric scooters. In fact, those are two things it sells in the US through Mi.com.

Xiaomi is, of course, best-known for its phones, however, and there isn’t even a trace of them…

source https://www.gsmarena.com/xiaomi_announces_its_biggest_party_yet_will_be_held_on_december_8_in_new_york-news-34089.php

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