Xiaomi May Release a $80 Smartphone Next Year

Xiaomi Redmi 1SXiaomi models are known for their interesting values, which offer good specs at more affordable price tags. The company has actually been nicknamed the “Apple of China” and it enjoys great sales in its home country and some Asian countries. Xiaomi is envisioning itself as the future leader in the industry and it does have a rather impressive portfolio. As an example, the Xiaomi Mi4 is considered a flagship model, the Xiaomi Redmi Note is a great model for the mid-range category and the Xiaomi Redmi 1S catches a lot of attention in the low-end segment.

The company will soon extend its offerings to the ultra-affordable market, which is populated by sub-$100 models. A new model for this category is already in the pipeline for a phone release next year. It is believed that the phone will be available for CNY500 or roughly equal to $81. A display provider from China, the BOE Technology, will be the company’s partner for the release of such device.

The certification agency in China, TENAA, has given the phone a green light; so this could be considered as a partial confirmation. But considering that there are already so many ultra-cheap devices from China with decent specs, this shouldn’t be a surprising development.

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