Xiaomi teases phone with 48MP camera, coming in January

Earlier this year Xiaomi opened an in-house camera division and committed to delivering premium image quality. Now company co-founder and President Lin Bin is teasing a photography monster. And he does so with modesty.

He posted a close up of an upcoming Xiaomi phone – to be released in January, he says – and the “48MP camera” label can’t escape the attention. Bin has used this phone for a few weeks and describes it as “not bad”.

We guess you don’t need to brag when you have the highest resolution mobile sensor ever. The mighty Nokia 808 PureView had a 41MP sensor, the latest Huawei…

source https://www.gsmarena.com/xiaomi_teases_phone_with_48mp_camera_coming_in_january-news-34559.php

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