ZTE Will Soon Introduce the Axon Phone

ZTE AxonZTE is planning to launch a new high-end device in the United States, the Axon Phone. It will be revealed during an event in July 2015, so we should soon get more details about the phone release date and price. We first heard about the Axon Phone last month and we knew very little about it. Because the handset’s official webpage has been updated, now we have more details about the phone.

As previously rumoured, the Axon Phone does offer a dual rear-facing camera on the back, but we still don’t know about its megapixel count. The Axon may shoot 4K videos and the camera includes very fast auto focus mechanism.

Users may also re-focus pictures after they are taken and background can be blurred to create an impressive bokeh effect. Overall, it seems to be similar to what we get from HTC One M8.  However, the M8’s camera was somewhat a letdown for many people, but we could be hopeful that ZTE will add a much better camera. The front-facing camera also allows us to take selfies quickly by just smiling at it. ZTE claims that the Axon Phones is the first phone that delivers true high fidelity and amazing sound playback.

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